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              Changshu Zhongxun Space Flight Insulating Material Co., Ltd was set up in 1985(formerly Changshu City Aerospace insulation material factory), In 2002, it became a sino-foreign joint venture. is the earlier specialized manufacturer of PI films (polyimide films). Our main products include PI films (Kapton HN), FEP films (FH, FHF/ Kapton FN) and all kinds of silicone adhesive tapes ect.……[More]

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          Tel/Fax:86 512 52401231/52401232  Email:admin#zxhjycl.com  Address:Shanghu(Yetang)town,changshu city,suzhou city,jiangsu province,China 
          Copyright:Changshu Zhongxun Space Flight Insulating Material Co., Ltd (2002-2016)    SU ICP Record:15019758number   
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